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NZers “pretty okay” with losing Rugby League World Cup final

RLWC Final

New Zealanders have described themselves as being “pretty okay” and “reasonably comfortable” with having been thrashed by Australia in the final of the Rugby League World Cup 34 – 2 at the weekend, with sports fans reflecting that, in terms of other disappointments they’ve experienced in the last 11 months, the Trashing at Old Trafford as the night has become known as, probably was in line with their expectations.

“I’m pretty okay with what just happened,” Jonathan Miller of Mt Wellington said on Sunday morning as he sipped his flat white. “I mean, we’re getting pretty used to sporting disappointments this year, so for the Kiwis to be so utterly embarrassed by a classy outfit like the Kangaroos isn’t so galling.

“It’s not like they blew an 8 – 1 lead in a yachting series, is it?” Mr Miller added.

Other punters expressed similar views, with seasoned Warrior’s fan Timothy Tuitopou saying that, “I’ve already moved on from what happened this morning. It helped that I went back to bed at half time,” while mother of two, Serena Daulton said “At least with it being such a blow out we won’t be having any awkward parades for them losing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who found the whole “let’s celebrate Emirates Team New Zealand coming second” just a really awkward moment for us as a sporting country.”

One Rugby League fan who has been taking the loss harder than most was Sir Peter Leitch, the Mad Butcher. Sir Peter, who penned the iconic Warehouse bargain bin fixture The Year the Kiwis Flew to celebrate their 2008 World Cup victory, announced early this morning that he would be releasing a sequel to be titled, The Year the Kiwis Blew.