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Officials unsure who won Louis Vuitton Cup

Team NZ Fog

Rumour is swirling around San Francisco today amid talk that Emirates Team New Zealand may have won the Louis Vuitton Cup 7 – 1 over Italian challengers Luna Rossa, though officials are unsure. Setting off in heavy fog this morning, Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa sailed into the San Francisco Bay and, allegedly raced against each other. However, due to the low visibility thanks to the fog, nobody is sure who actually won the race, even the challengers themselves.

“It was pretty tough out there this morning,” said Dean Barker, Emirates Team New Zealand skipper. “We had virtually zero viability and as a result, we had no idea where Luna Rossa was the entire time. They could have been in front of us for all we knew, we didn’t even know where the marker buoys were.”

Luna Rossa skipper Francesco de Angelis was equally as confused after the race, “It was very hazy out there, so we just stopped the boat after going over the start line, turned around and tried to find our way back. Nobody would have known we were cheating, though we couldn’t find the finish line.”

The inability to determine a winner means that the Kiwis and Italians will now have to go head-to-head in a boat-race competition at the San Francisco Yacht Club to determine who will win the Louis Vuitton Cup. Dean Barker has already nominated himself for the drinking competition citing years spent drinking that “organic swill my brother claims is wine” will give him the edge in the competition.

The fog ridden affair has brought back traumatic memories for Hurricanes Super Rugby fans who recall the tragic final of 2006, where the entire Hurricanes team went missing for 80 minutes in the fog at Jade Stadium in Christchurch.

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