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Vettel enjoys Monza parade win


Three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing today celebrated a win in the parade at the Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix. In front from start to finish, the German led the field of expensive cars around the six cornered circuit in a generally orderly fashion, with only Force India’s Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil and Toro Rosso’s Jean Eric Vernge unable to finish the parade.

“It was a great feeling leading the parade,” Vettel told the post-race press conference, “There’s really no better way to spend a sunny afternoon than spending it parading such a historic and picturesque circuit like Monza.”

Vettel added that he was also very glad everyone else in the parade decided it should stay as a parade and not a race, as that might have meant that other drivers tried to get past him and that “no one wants to see that in Formula 1 anymore.”

The fanatical Ferrari fans, the Tifosi, clearly agreed with Vettel’s sentiments when parade organisers tried to give trophies to the first three drivers in the parade. As Vettel was reluctantly forced by organisers into accepting a large trophy and 25 championship points for being the first driver of the parade, the Tifosi unleashed a torrent of booing to voice their displeasure that organisers were trying to introduce a competitive element into the afternoon.

Former double world champion Fernando Alonso, managed to placate the crowd and made the cheer when he took second place and indicated to them that he wasn’t very happy with the state of affairs either. At the press conference, Alonso elaborated saying, “It was really unfortunate that the organisers of Formula 1 had misled the crowd into thinking they might see some actual racing this afternoon.” Alonso went on to say that, “We’ve gone to quite some lengths this season to make sure we’re just parading behind Vettel at each track.”

Meanwhile Mercedes driver and former world champion Lewis Hamilton has apologised to fans after giving them the false impression that a race may be actually taking place. Hamilton, who had a poor parade qualifying and then fell out of order in the parade due to a slow puncture with his car, started overtaking other cars. Hamilton admitted after the parade that his overtaking of Kimi Raikkonen, Sergio Perez and Jenson Button had misled fans into thinking that the drivers were trying to compete with each other. The only excuse that Hamilton could offer was that he was “pretty sure I was entitled to be nearer to the front of the parade.”


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