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Redskins owner defends Redskins name as “only mildly racist”

Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder, owner of NFL team the Washington Redskins, has once again defended the name of his team as just “mildly racist” and only likely to cause offense in people who “don’t watch Fox News, so you really have to wonder if they’re actually counted as people for the purposes of the being allowed to be offended anyway.”

Snyder, who’s Washington Redskins have come under fire in recent days following President Obama wading into the debate on whether the team’s name was offensive, has been resolute in refusing to change the team’s name, pointing out that it “only continued a long and honoured tradition of appropriating indigenous culture’s treasured identities, usually without their permission, to rehash as commercialised sports team names.”

“I mean, we don’t see the Irish complaining about the Boston Celtics, or folks from Maine complaining about the New York Yankees,” Synder said before adding “You’d think with all this complaining from Indian tribes we’d done something utterly horrible to them in the past like we’d stolen all their land or infected them with diseases to which they had no immunity, before forcing them onto barren, infertile tracks of land in the middle of nowhere.”

“Why’s everyone picking on me anyway?” Synder then asked, “Nobody is picking on the Kansas City Chiefs or the Minnesota Vikings. Don’t Vikings have something to say about how racist that is. I bet there aren’t even any real Vikings playing in that team.”

Synder also pointed out that, “There’s countries out there far worse than us anyway. Have you looked the Australian state of New Zealand? They force all their black people to play rugby in the All Blacks, while all their white people have to play soccer in the All Whites, but you don’t hear me complaining, do you?”

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