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New All Blacks ad inspired by drug-fueled TV binge


The director of the All Blacks’ new promotional video has confessed that he came up with the idea for #ForceOfBlack after a 17 hour drug-fueled television watching binge.

“We’d been doing lines off the table all night, and about 3am, as I flicked between the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and re-runs of Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network, I was like ‘whoa, man, this is totally like what the All Blacks are about,” said director Steven Richie.

“I mean, Ma’a Nonu, he’s like Vegeta, such a bad arse but actually on the good team and all like ‘roar I’m so powerful’, while Richie McCaw is clearly Goku, like how couldn’t he be?”

Richie continued, “And Kaino, he’s like Frieza, he’s practically immortal, he’s all powerful, and only someone like Goku McCaw can stop him.”

The director was less clear about why the clips of animals and disasters made it into the film.

“And then the mountain goats were like WHAM and I was like MAN that’s just like tackling a Springbok, so that’s in, And the space shuttle is like, the journey they’re on, flying into space, sometimes not making it there, sometimes not making it back, that’s like total All Blacks.”

The New Zealand Rugby Union¬†has refused to comment until they “climb out from under their desks when the embarrassment passes.”


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