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Prince Harry renounces claim to throne of Australia following England defeat


Following England’s defeat to the Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup at the weekend, a result that saw England knocked out of the tournament, devout England supporter and ginger model Prince Harry has retaliated by renouncing his third in line claim to be King of Australia.

“I don’t want to be king of a bunch of convicts,” Prince Harry was heard saying to his bodyguards as he left Twickenham. “There’s a reason why we booted them out of the country, we should have never of let them back in.”

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said that “While Her Majesty the Queen is disappointed with Harry’s comments, as third in line for the throne and a ginger, he didn’t have a chance of ascending anyway.”

Prince Harry was last seen shouting abuse at Wallabies fans as they celebrated the victory at the Temple Place Walkabout pub.

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