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Co-worker insufferable after winning Super Rugby picking competition


Reports are coming in that Wellington office worker Gavin Connelly is completely insufferable this week after coming first in his work place’s Super Rugby picking competition. Gavin’s co-workers allege that he hasn’t shut up about his victory for the past two days, and they just really want him to shut the hell up.

Gavin’s obnoxious attitude started on Friday when he realised that he was within reach of obtaining an unassailable lead over his closest rival if he got his picks right over the weekend. As a result, he spent all of that day strutting around the office reminding the rest of his team of the position he was in on the ladder and how the pressure was all on Bess from Accounts to try and make up the gap.

Having already burnt through all his goodwill then, as well as loudly proclaiming his picks for everyone to hear (which they didn’t) Gavin then sent an email to everyone in the picking competition at 12pm on Sunday immediately after the Jaguares vs Lions game to point out that mathematically there was no way anyone could chase down his lead in the post-season.

This was followed up on Monday by Gavin hitting reply all to the official email from the competition organiser, announcing Gavin’s victory, where Gavin showed a complete lack of class by joking that he was “available to help with all your sport betting needs, for a small price.”

Mr Connelly then proceeded to lord his victory around the office at every opportunity, including interrupting Monday’s team meeting just to remind everyone of his victory.

“Sure, good on him for winning,” said Bess from Accounts, “He did really well to wrap up the competition three weeks early and he’s entitled to a little celebration, but now we’ve got to put up with him riding this pony for the rest of the year. I really just wish he’d shut the hell up already.”

Gavin was unavailable for comment other than pointing out how he had to go post about his win to all his friends on Facebook.

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