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Blackcaps celebrate 58 days unbeaten


New Zealand Cricket is today celebrating 58 days of the Blackcaps being unbeaten. In an upbeat email to NZ Cricket staff today, Chairman Chris Moller saluted the extraordinary effort put in by the players, coaches and NZ Cricket’s own staff in achieving the milestone.

“Going 58 days unbeaten in cricket is something virtually unheard of,” Moller said in the email. “It’s the type of achievement that all New Zealanders can take an enormous amount of pride in. Our Blackcaps are among the world’s top sportspeople and going unbeaten for so long is something we all need to celebrate.”

Moller added, “It’s also important to note that over this period their international batting and bowling averages haven’t changed, again being representative of the consistency and high standards our organisation holds itself too.”

The Chairman was also full of praise for the national coach, Mike Hesson, of who he said, “Mike Hesson, in particular, has been instrumental in ensuring that the Blackcaps have remained undefeated for those 58 days.”

When the email, which was leaked to Radio Sport, was replied to by journalists who noted that the Blackcaps haven’t played any international cricket since losing to England on 25 June, Chris Moller was quick to fire back saying, “Fuck you. No one likes a smart ass.” A few minutes later another email was received from NZ Cricket’s Chairman reading, “Sorry about that previous email, Hesson was watching me type. Send help quickly.”

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