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SportBox SB Logo is a new type of online sports magazine. We’re here for the fan who wants us to share their passion for the sports and teams they love and wants to put no thought what-so-ever into that process. We’re by the fans and for the fans and sometimes about the fans. We want to give a platform to get armchair commentary into the open and share it with like-minded people, because we all know the major media outlets don’t know sport as well as we do. Our aim is to provide perspective on what’s happening in your favourite sport or with your favourite team. Whether you’re a die-hard rugby nut or a petrol head, there’s probably not something on for everyone.

We’re not about live scores or breaking news, mostly, rather we want to publish considered analysis and views on what’s taking place on and off the field of play. It’s all about creating a soapbox and a community to put ideas out there and generally shout at the world.

Finally, we used to be serious – now, not so much. We’re a satire site if you haven’t realised that already. That means people quoted haven’t actually said the things in the article. It means that the news stories, however closely they might seem to relate to real events, haven’t necessarily happened and if you can’t tell the difference between our content and real life, you should probably talk to someone about that.

If you must, you can contact us at We’d prefer job offers, but we’ll accept legal threats too.

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